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Your voice, your time and your financial support will help bring strength, stability and independence to families in need of a decent place to live. For hands-on opportunities, take a look at the choices below. Fill out the form if you are interested in learning more about a certain project - we'll be back in touch with you. Questions? Call our office at (336) 526-2277.

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Volunteer FAQs

We appreciate interest in our volunteer program from volunteers of all ages.  Volunteers in the ReStore must be at least 14 years of age and have the permission of ReStore staff to volunteer without a parent or guardian present . Volunteers on a construction site must be at least 18 years of age.  All volunteers under 18 must print this parent guardian permission slip and bring it -- completed and signed -- with them to the build site or the ReStore. All adult volunteers must complete this waiver. As a matter of policy, all volunteers’ names are checked against the national sex offender database.

Can you stock shelves, help with donation pick ups, or sort through donated treasures? If yes, our ReStore is your place to volunteer. Come watch miracles happen as Restore donations change the lives of many.

When can I volunteer? 
The ReStore is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. We ask that volunteers plan to stay with us a minimum of two hours. Call the ReStore at (336) 526-4663 to reserve your volunteer time slot.

Where should I park?
Please park at the Town of Elkin parking lot across from the store entrance and leave spots closest to the door for our customers. Thank you!
What should I do when I arrive?
Please sign in with the cashier when you arrive. If you are a new volunteer, let them know you are there for your first volunteer shift.
What should I wear?
Wear clothes that you are comfortable working in and getting moderately dirty. Be sure to wear sturdy, closed-toed shoes.
Is the ReStore climate controlled?
Yes, the two front showrooms have heating and air conditioning. However, our large warehouse showroom is not and some tasks may require you to be outside or near the area where we process donations, which has large warehouse doors that often are open. Dress appropriately for the weather outside and bring a sweater or jacket on cool days even if you plan to be working indoors.
What should I bring?
We do not have a place to store valuables at the ReStore during your volunteer shift so please leave them at home, or store them in your car. You do not need to bring any tools or materials with you.
What is the minimum age for volunteers?
You may begin volunteering at the ReStore at age 14, with the permission of parents and guardians and ReStore staff. We have a limited number of slots for youth volunteers at any given time.
Do I need retail experience to volunteer?
No! We will train you to safely complete all the tasks for the day. We require all volunteers to attend an orientation session with ReStore staff before their first day working. Let us know if you feel uncomfortable with a task or tool and be sure to ask for help or to be re-assigned to a different task.

Volunteers for Construction must be at least 16 years old. Volunteers who are 16 or 17 must print this parent guardian permission slip and bring it — completed and signed — with them to the build site. For some activities, volunteers must be 18 or over.

How many volunteers can work on a house at a time?
In general, the ideal number of volunteers working together on one house would be 8-10. Homeowners and construction staff will also be participating, increasing the total number of people on site. Our experience has shown that the volunteer experience is diminished when there are too many people. Similarly, if there are too few volunteers, we may fall behind on our schedule.

What should I wear?
Wear good work shoes – boots are best, sturdy sneakers are fine. No sandals or open-toed shoes.
Wear clothes that can get dirty. Avoid loose fitting or baggy clothes. If we're going to be working outside, bring a good hat. Sunscreen is essential for most days March through October.

How should I prepare?
It is extremely important to show up on time. Make sure you know where we are working and email if you have questions. To familiarize yourself with basic safety and job site expectations, please watch this Habitat Safety Video.

Do I need to have construction experience to volunteer?
No!  We will train you to safely complete all the tasks for the day. Safety is our highest concern. When you arrive, staff will provide a safety talk and instructions on how to perform the tasks. If you feel uncomfortable with a task or tool, be sure to ask for help or ask to be re-assigned to a different task. We value quality over speed. Relax and have fun! We are happy to teach you! Please be patient with our process.

Habitat for Humanity’s work involves hearts, hands and voices to create a world where everyone has a safe, decent and affordable place to live. As an advocate for affordable housing, you may be asked to contact local and national lawmakers on issues such as access to credit, affordable housing, energy efficiency, national service, funding, and housing as a global priority. With the Habitat for Humanity International Advocacy team we’ll keep you informed on what’s happening and how you can use your voice to support these causes and “build louder!”

Public Relations
We’re excited about what we do and want to keep our volunteers, donors and homeowners informed about what’s going on. Join the Public Relations group to help us get the word out about Habitat and our program – in person, on social media, in print and more. Call us at (336)526-2277 for more information.

Help fuel the Habitat program! We need financial support to build more decent and affordable housing and help more families build strength, stability and independence. Help plan and carry out fundraising campaigns and events. Develop fundraising material and help with grant writing.  Call us at (336)526-2277 for more information.

Office and Event Support 
Prefer an office environment to the build site? Join us behind-the-scenes as we keep our projects humming and support Upper Yadkin Valley Habitat’s community-transforming work as an office support volunteer. Setting up and running any of our events, from fundraisers to home dedications to volunteer appreciation activities, also takes volunteers. Contact us at (336)526-2277 if you're interested in these vital coordination and support activities.


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