who qualifies

Habitat for Humanity partners with people who qualify to build and buy their own homes. To be considered for our program, applicants must demonstrate a housing need, the ability to pay and a willingness to partner with Habitat. Applicants should meet the following minimum requirements. Applicants provide further information on their need, ability to pay, and willingness to partner during the application process. For more information, see How to Apply and Homeowner FAQS.

Have lived or worked in Yadkin, Surry or Wilkes Counties at least one year
Have a stable income
Demonstrate good payment history
Have a minimum of six month rental history
Demonstrate that current housing is overcrowded, physically substandard, too expensive, unsafe, or they are living in subsidized housing
Commit to working 300 or more unpaid volunteer hours with Habitat
• Ability to save around $2,100 for closing costs and be able to pay an affordable 20 to 30 year mortgage.
Fall within the approximate income range below:

Family Size

Annual Income

1 $10,150 to $26,650
2 $11,600 to $30,420
3 $13,050 to $34,255
4 $14,500 to $38,025
5 $15,700 to $41,080
6 $16,850 to $44,135
7 $18,000 to $47,190
8 $19,150 to $50,245



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  Elkin ReStore
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Email: restore@UYVhabitat.org
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