Best answer: What charities has Selena Gomez contributed to?

As a UNICEF ambassador for over 10 years, advocacy has been an important part of Gomez’s life. Charity concerts that she’s put on to support the organization have raised over $200,000, helping UNICEF provide lifesaving therapeutic foods, clean water, medicines, immunizations and education to children worldwide.

What did Selena Gomez do for society?

She was also known for her philanthropic work, much of it accomplished through UNICEF, which in 2009 appointed her a goodwill ambassador. In 2015 Gomez revealed that she had been diagnosed with lupus. As a result of complications from the disease, she had a kidney transplant in 2017.

Is Selena Gomez philanthropist?

Selena Gomez is an actress, singer, and philanthropist who rose to fame at an early age. She has become a huge inspiration for millions of people today. Although, just like everyone else, Selena had to come from somewhere. This is her story.

Was Selena Gomez ambassador to UNICEF?

Teen star Selena Gomez has been appointed an ambassador of the United Nations Children’s Fund. Teen star Selena Gomez has been appointed an ambassador of the United Nations Children’s Fund. “(She has) now taken on an official role as an ambassador. …

Why Selena Gomez is an inspiration?

However, Selena is so open with her fans about what she has struggled with mentally and physically that we can’t help but feel inspired by her. Many people can relate to and suffer from mental health issues themselves, so having someone we look up to be so open about her struggles makes us feel less alone.

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Why Selena Gomez is depressed?

Last summer Gomez revealed that she underwent a kidney transplant due to complications from the auto-immune disease lupus. Soon after, Gomez opened up about to The Today Show about her longtime battle with pain, anxiety and depression, which she said stemmed from her lupus.

How did Selena Gomez make the world a better place?

Selena recently joined other celebrities in strutting her stuff down the runway in Beverly Hills in aid of St. … As well as all of this, Selena has helped a huge number of smaller charities such as Borden Milk and Island Dogs which helps save Puerto Rican dogs, State Farm Insurance which helps promote safe driving.

What university did Selena get accepted to?

At seventeen, Selena earned a high school diploma from the American School of Correspondence in Chicago and was also accepted at Louisiana State University. She enrolled at Pacific Western University, taking up business administration as her major subject.

How much money has Selena Gomez donated to UNICEF?

Hosted by Jake Whetter of Radio Disney and joined by special musical guests Big Time Rush and Noah Guthrie, Selena Gomez & The Scene performed a sold-out show that raised over $200,000 to help UNICEF proved lifesaving therapeutic foods, clean water, medicines, immunizations, and education to children worldwide.

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