Does Humble Bundle give money to charity?

Everything we sell, from bundles to Store games to our Humble Choice subscription, gives a share to charity. We feature a different charity sitewide every month. By focusing our community’s efforts on one cause at a time, we can work together to make an even bigger impact for each one.

How much does Humble Bundle donate to charity?

As it stands, the slider’s default donation option is set up so that 65% of a sum goes to the publisher, 30% goes to Humble, and 5% to charity. Humble Bundle is also introducing UI changes, making it easier to see what is in each bundle tier.

Is Humble Bundle charitable?

Humble Bundle has been committed to supporting charitable causes since we created the first Humble Indie Bundle — and now you have even more freedom to choose where your money goes. Through our partnership with the PayPal Giving Fund, you control exactly what causes you’re contributing to by choosing your own charity!

Is Humble Bundle not for profit?

Humble Bundle is a commercial business and is not considered a 501(c) Organization, aka a non-profit organization. Purchases of bundles do not qualify for tax deductions under current tax laws for most countries.

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Do developers get money from Humble Bundle?

As for the case of Humble Bundle however, developers do get their money, however, it is split evenly based on the percentages you have specified in the purchase dialog.

What charity does Humble Bundle support?

The Humble Bundle offerings support a number of charities, including Action Against Hunger, Child’s Play, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, charity: water, the American Red Cross, WaterAid and the Wikimedia Foundation.

Do Humble Bundles come back?

Sometimes parts of the bundle come back in other Humble Bundles or other bundle sites have the games in their bundles later on, but otherwise, no.

How does Humble Bundle make profit?

Humble Bundle makes money via donations, subscription fees, commissions from its Humble Store, as well as fees from its publishing business. … It has raised over $196 million in charity donations to this date.

How do I get a refund from humble bundle?

How Do Refunds on Humble Bundle Work?

  1. Go to the Humble Support Page.
  2. At the top-right corner of the page find a Submit a Request button and click on it.
  3. From the dropdown menu on the Submit a Request page pick Payments and Refund option.
  4. When another dropdown menu appears, choose Refund Request.

Do you keep Humble Bundle games forever?

Humble Bundles are limited-time collections of games, books, software, and more. … Humble Choice is a monthly PC game subscription that lets you choose great games to keep forever!

Do you have to pay for Humble Bundle?

Humble Bundle is an online service that offers great deals for games, software, books, audiobooks, and even comic books that you can keep forever. For a monthly fee, you can have a Humble Choice subscription plan to access more cool stuff, including DRM-free content and discounts in the Humble Store.

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What percentage does Humble Bundle take?

By default, payments will be divided up with 60% going to the Developers, 10% going to Charities, 15% going to the Humble Tip, and 15% going to the Humble Partner (percentages may vary between bundles). As with any bundle, customers can adjust those percentages however they like by using the payment sliders.

How long does Humble Bundle take to process?

We do our best to handle any orders under review as quickly as we can and this is typically within one business day. If we are delayed, the process never takes longer than three standard days to complete.

Does Humble Bundle charge tax?

While Humble Bundle purchases do contribute directly to charities and noteworthy causes, we are not considered a 501(c) tax-exempt charitable organization. Humble Bundle is considered a business, and purchases through our website entitle our customers to goods and services covered under our Terms of Service.

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