Frequent question: What are Unicef and WHO doing for Africa?

How is UNICEF helping children in Africa?

The UNICEF West and Central Africa Regional Office will provide strategic guidance and technical support to countries in the region facing emergencies this will support programming in nutrition, health, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), child protection, education and social protection, as well as cross-cutting …

What population does UNICEF work for?

UNICEF works in over 190 countries and territories and in the world’s toughest places to reach the children and young people in greatest need.

What has led to famine in Africa?

Numerous factors make the food security situation in Africa tenuous, including political instability, armed conflict and civil war, corruption and mismanagement in handling food supplies, and trade policies that harm African agriculture. An example of a famine created by human rights abuses is the 1998 Sudan famine.

How can I help education in Africa?

Ways to improve education in Africa

  1. Make teachers a priority. If the quality of education needs improvement, just the teachers alone can do it, but they need to be equipped with resources and properly qualified training programs. …
  2. Universities should be number one. …
  3. Students needs are important.
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