How do I donate a charity stamp?

Which charities take used postage stamps?

Some of the charities accepting stamps include:

  • Amnesty.
  • Oxfam.
  • RNIB.
  • Parkinson’s UK.
  • Kidney Care UK.
  • Stamp out MND.
  • British Hedgehog Preservation Society.
  • Many Tears Animal Rescue.

Where can I donate used postage stamps in the US?

Stamps for the Wounded (SFTW) is a service organization dedicated to providing comfort and stimulating activity to U.S. veterans through stamp collecting. SFTW sends donated postage stamps and other philatelic material and supplies to wounded, ill, and isolated veterans. SFTW has been helping veterans since 1942.

Where do I send my Cancelled stamps to veterans?

Stamps and other materials may be sent either to Stamps for the Wounded, Lions Club, Box 9176, Silver Spring, Md., 20916. Donors who request a tax receipt should send materials and an inventory of their donations to Stamps for the Wounded, Lions Club, Box 1125, Falls Church, Va., 22041.

Does anyone want used stamps?

Many charities accept donations of used stamps. These need to be trimmed with a 1cm border usually, and you can either drop them off in one of the charity’s shops or post them to the charity in an envelope. Some charities provide pre-paid envelopes for your stamps and some expect you to pay the postage yourself.

Why do charities collect used stamps?

The used stamps are bought by dealers who pick out any unusual or valuable ones in very good condition to sell to collectors. … A second-class stamp can be worth more if it has a fault. The rest are sold as used stamps for crafting or paper recycling. Charities have raised millions over the years.

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Do guide dogs still collect stamps?

We’re still collecting for our used stamp appeal! It doesn’t matter if you have new or used stamps; we can use them all to raise vital funds to support more blind and partially sighted people.

How do I donate stamps?

Please contact us if you would like to donate stamps or used spectacles to us here at Epping, or simply post them to:

  1. Epping Eastwood Lions Club, PO Box 469, Epping NSW 2121 Australia.
  3. Bendigo Bank, 2 Oxford Street, Epping NSW, 2121.
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