How do I start a Unicef club?

What is a UNICEF club?

The UNICEF Clubs program is a youth led grassroots movement rooted in a belief that high school and college students in the United States have a vital role to play as the voice for children everywhere. … All UNICEF Club fundraisers are required to register on UNICEF USA website (

How do you fundraise for UNICEF?

Fundraising Activity Ideas

Tell your friends: use our online tool to create your own webpage, introduce friends and family to UNICEF, and ask them to make a donation to help UNICEF save kids’ lives. Visit and go to the Fundraise section to learn more.

Is UNICEF a good club?

For students who are interested in getting involved with global justice and humanitarian causes around the world and who wish for their involvement to be continuous and prolonged, UNICEF Club is a great, sometimes under-appreciated choice.

What clubs can I start at school?

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for school clubs, consider:

  • Sports clubs. This is is one of the most obvious club themes in schools, but it is always popular. …
  • Lego club. School Lego clubs are gaining in popularity. …
  • Art club. …
  • Choir club. …
  • Dance clubs. …
  • Orchestra club. …
  • Remote controlled car club. …
  • Gardening club.
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Is UNICEF a Indian?

UNICEF has been working in India since 1949 advocating for the rights of children and young people. The organisation began its work in India with three staff members and established an office in Delhi three years later. Currently, it advocates for the rights of India’s children in 16 states.

Can high school students in the US get involved with UNICEF?

Anyone and everyone can be a UNITER. If you belong to a UNICEF high school or campus club or a UNICEF USA Regional Board, if you’re a NextGen member or a part of a faith-based or civil society organization that partners with UNICEF USA, we are excited to have you in our UNITE family already!

What does UNICEF raise money for?

UNICEF has helped save more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organization by providing health care and immunizations, safe water and sanitation, nutrition, education, emergency relief and more. UNICEF USA supports UNICEF’s work through fundraising, advocacy and education in the United States.

What is a fundraising pack?

A fundraising pack will fit in your post-box and contains: fundraising ideas and guidance, an A3 event poster, an A3 ‘how your money helps’ poster, a small case study poster, a donation form, sponsorship form, three balloons and a small cardboard collection box.

Who does UNICEF sponsor?

Official Charity Partner of Manchester United

Manchester United’s partnership with Unicef under the ‘United for Unicef’ brand is managed by Manchester United Foundation. Over the past 20 years your generosity has helped to protect and save the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in the world.

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