How old is Charity Anderson?

How old is Andres charity?

The art of perfection was delivered in The Duels round by Charity & Andrés — and, by the way, they are only 18 years old. (They were 17 when the show was taped.) Charity Anderson and Andrés Peñate hail from Springville, Utah and have been dancing together since they were eight years old.

Are charity and Landon Anderson married?

Landon and Hannah were married in February of 2020 and love dancing together, watching movies, spending time outdoors, and playing with their pooch, Gus Gus! They are thrilled to be at PBD and share their love of dance with everyone!

What place did charity and Andres get?

Junior (under 18, up to 4 members)

Dance act Age(s) Placement
Charity & Andres 17 World Final (3rd Place)
Sean & Kaycee 16/15 Divisional Final
Jaxon Willard 16 Divisional Final
Josh & Taylor 18/15 Cut

Where is charity Anderson from?

What is acro dance video?

Acro is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. … It is defined by its athletic character, it’s unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics.

Why was world of dance Cancelled?

Per Deadline, this cancelation comes as a result of low ratings for World of Dance Season 4, which per ratings aggregator TV Series Finale had an average had an average viewership of 4 million viewers. …

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Did Sean and Kaycee get eliminated?

Junior #3: Sean and Kaycee – ELIMINATED.

Who won World of Dance 2020?

World of Dance (season 4)

World of Dance
Hosted by Scott Evans
Judges Ne-Yo Jennifer Lopez Derek Hough
Winner MDC 3
Runner-up Jefferson y Adrianita

What songs did charity and Andres dance to?

For her Duel performance, she lays it all out on the dance floor as she performs to the song “Came Here For Love” by Sigala and Ella Eyre (see song link below). Charity & Andres from Springville, Utah give a performance of a lifetime when they dance to the Kaleo song “Way Down We Go.” (See song link below.)

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