Is charity a French name?

Measured by donations per capita, the most generous country in 2020 was Ireland, according to figures released by GoFundMe, a crowd funding platform. In fact, one of their top five fundraisers of 2020 saw Irish donors giving to U.S. citizens in need.

What does charitable mean in French?

[ˈtʃærɪtəbəl ] adjective. [event] de bienfaisance. [institution] caritative.

How do you say charity in different languages?

In other languages charity

  • Arabic: مُؤَسَّسَةٌ خَيْرِيَّة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: caridade.
  • Chinese: 慈善机构
  • Croatian: dobrotvorna organizacija.
  • Czech: charita.
  • Danish: velgørenhed.
  • Dutch: liefdadigheidsinstelling.
  • European Spanish: institución benéfica.

How do you spell Charite?


  1. generosity; sense of charity quotations ▼
  2. charitable institution.
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