Question: How many volunteers work for the National Park Service?

Do NPS volunteers get paid?

NPS volunteers who put in more than 500 cumulative hours of work receive the pass free [source: America the Beautiful].

How many National Park Service employees are there?

Our Employees

Approximately 20,000 strong, the uncommon men and women of the National Park Service share a common trait: a passion for caring for the nation’s special places and sharing their stories.

What do National Park volunteers do?

Volunteers bring lots of enthusiasm, skills and interests. At the same time, they learn and discover new skills, too. There are practical tasks like wall-building or hedge-laying. Some do wildlife surveys and conservation tasks, others are responsible for rights of way work and footpath maintenance.

How much do you make working for the National Park Service?

National Park Service Salaries

The national average salary for a National Park Service employee in the United States is $44,250 per year. Employees in the top 10 percent can make over $68,000 per year, while employees at the bottom 10 percent earn less than $28,000 per year.

Can I work at a national park without a degree?

Education Requirements

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The National Park Service, requires a bachelor’s degree or higher without suitable experience to substitute. Those with at least one year of experience at the GS-4 level only need two years of post-secondary study to meet the education requirements.

How do I get a volunteer National Park Pass?

If you would like to receive a volunteer packet, please contact (916) 653-9069 or with your name and address. Docents are highly trained volunteers who interpret the cultural, natural and recreational features of state parks for visitors.

What is not allowed in national parks?

Fires (including charcoal) are prohibited unless approved by the Superintendent. Hunting and trapping are prohibited at the monument in its effort to protect wildlife. The viewing of wildlife with artificial light is also prohibited. Boating is allowed only by written authorization from the Superintendent Office.

How many national parks are there today?

The National Park System encompasses 423 national park sites in the United States. They span across more than 84 million acres, with parks in each state and extending into the territories, including parks in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Guam.

What national park pays the most?

The National Park Service had 17,289 employees in 2015 with an average pay (base salary + bonus) of $66,251.58. The most common occupation was park ranger, followed by maintenance mechanic.


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Is the National Park Service a good place to work?

Overall, the Park Service stood 322 out of 415 federal agencies covered by this year’s Best Places to Work In the Federal Government survey. The Interior Department as whole slipped a bit in its overall rankings, standing ninth among 17 of the government’s “large agencies” in the survey.

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