What areas of the world does we Charity Service?

In essence, it is an approach that seeks to build sustainable livelihoods and to break the cycle of long-term dependency to promote self-sufficiency. We currently work in nine countries overseas: Kenya, Tanzania, Ecuador, Nicaragua, India, Rural China, Sierra Leone, Haiti and Ethiopia.

What countries does WE Charity work in?

Currently, we work in Kenya, India, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Haiti, Sierra Leone, rural China and Ethiopia.

What has the WE Charity done?

Below are some highlights of our successes. Since the creation of our education pillar, more than 1,500 schools and schoolrooms have been built in WE Charity partner communities, giving 200,000 children the opportunity to get an education and transform not only their lives but also those of their communities.

What is WE Charity in Canada?

WE Charity is an international charity and educational partner. … In the US, Canada, and the UK, WE Schools is a year-long service-learning program that nurtures compassion in students and gives them the tools to create transformative social change.

Who does the WE Charity help?

WE Charity supports 86 WE Villages in 9 countries. Since its founding, WE Charity reports it has provided more than 1 million people with clean water and sanitation and helped 200,000 children access education.

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What countries have free the children helped?

It specializes in sustainable development in countries of Kenya, Ecuador, India, Nicaragua, Arizona-Mexico, and China, empowering youth in developed countries to become socially engaged.

What is the main purpose of WE Charity?

Twenty-four years later, WE Charity is an international charity committed to delivering a sustainable development model that empowers people to transform themselves, their families, their communities and the world.

Is me to we a good charity?

Founded in 2009 to provide economic opportunity in WE Village communities and a sustainable source of funding for WE Charity, ME to WE has grown into a global force for good. Annual donations averaging over 90% of its profits to WE Charity (read more).

Does Free The Children still exist?

Well, WE recently rebranded Free the Children as WE Charity in part to reduce the confusion. The charity, social enterprise/private business, and overall movement have all been combined under one brand: WE.

How does charity make money?

WE Charity spends less than 10 percent of its funds on administration, with, on average, 90 cents of every dollar donated going directly to support our projects and programs. WE Charity receives approximately one eighth of our consolidated budget in the form of in-kind goods and supplies.

What does me to we do?

ME to WE is a social enterprise that creates socially conscious products and experiences that allow people to do good through their everyday choices. ME to WE operates based on a unique social enterprise model and uses its income to support the operating costs incurred by its partner, WE Charity.

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How rich is Craig Kielburger?

Net worth: $625,000

Craig Kielburger has been an activist for nearly his entire life. He has had a lifelong dedication to helping those who need it and has become one of the most influential activists in Canada. His net worth is estimated at $625,000 and his salary is estimated at $125,000.

Does WE Charity own real estate?

By far, the most significant of the assets owned by WE Charity in Canada is a large real estate portfolio — a block of commercial properties in downtown Toronto, one of the country’s hottest real estate markets.

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