What charities does Julie Andrews support?

Ms. Andrews is also involved with several charities including the United Nations International Fund for Women, Operation USA – an international relief agency, Save the Children and the Foundation for Hereditary Disease.

What has Julie Andrews done for the world?

Dame Julie Andrews DBE (born Julia Elizabeth Wells; 1 October 1935) is an English actress, singer, and author. With a career nearly spanning eight decades, she has been the recipient of several accolades, including one British Academy Film Award, one Academy Award, two Emmy Awards, and three Grammy Awards.

What disease does Julie Andrews have?

The Academy is honoring Andrews, 71, for being a stalwart advocate in the fight against Huntington’s disease. She has served on the board of trustees of the Hereditary Disease Foundation with her husband, film director Blake Edwards, for over 30 years.

Why did Julie Andrews declined the Tony?

NEW YORK, May 8 — Julie Andrews said Wednesday she is declining her best actress Tony nomination for the Broadway musical ‘Victor/Victoria’ because she is upset over getting the production’s only nomination. Andrews announced her decision at the final curtain call of the show’s matinee at the Marquis Theatre.

Does Julie Andrews have perfect pitch?

Singer and actress Julie Andrews has long been famed for her perfect pitch and impressive vocal range. … Julie, as they called her, first began displaying her own considerable vocal talents during World War II, when she was about eight years old.

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