What does it mean when a plant volunteers?

Any plant that the gardener didn’t put in, and is not a weed, is known by the term volunteer. In most cases gardeners consider these plants more than welcome, though they may need to be relocated or even shared.

What do you mean by volunteer plant?

In gardening and agronomic terminology, a volunteer is a plant that grows on its own, rather than being deliberately planted by a farmer or gardener. Volunteers often grow from seeds that float in on the wind, are dropped by birds, or are inadvertently mixed into compost.

Why are plants called volunteers?

A plant is called a volunteer when it grows in an area it wasn’t planted. … They may come from roots or seeds you planted the previous year, animals may deposit them in their feces, birds can drop the seeds, or the wind may blow them in.

What is volunteer grain?

Volunteer Wheat Scouting:

Wheat is an annual weed that reproduces by the release of their seed. They have a straight and smooth stem, with leaf blades that are smooth, wide and twist clockwise. The flowers the Volunteer Wheat produces sit in spikes and the lemmas can be awnless or awned, depending on the variety.

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How do I get rid of volunteer plants?

Digging up the small trees is a viable option. The application of a systemic, non-selective herbicide, such as glyphosate (Roundup), is another way to destroy volunteer trees. Glyphosate is most effective when applied to actively growing plants. Therefore, wait until the trees are fully leafed out and actively growing.

What is the difference between seed and grain?

A grain is the small edible fruit of the plant, usually hard on the outside, harvested from grassy crops. Grains grow in clusters at the tops of mature plants, such as wheat, oats, and rice. … A seed is defined as an embryonic plant covered in a ‘seed coat’.

What are absolute weeds?

Absolute weed has no economic value. 1. Relative weed has some economic value but in a particular place it has no economic value. … Absolute weed is not crop plant.

What is off type?

Off-type means any seed or plant not a part of the variety in that it deviates in one or more characteristics from the variety as described, and may include, seeds or plants of other varieties; seeds or plants not necessarily any variety; seed or plants resulting from cross-pollination by other kinds or varieties; …

How do you transplant a volunteer tomato?


  1. Allow the volunteer to grow in place until it has three to four sets of true leaves.
  2. Water the area with the volunteer tomato plant so the top 6 inches of soil is moist a day or two before you plan to dig the tomato.
  3. Choose a cool, cloudy day or wait until near evening to transplant the tomato.
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What is seed certification?

Seed Certification. . The purpose of seed certification is to maintain and make available to the public, through certification, high quality seeds and propagating materials of notified kind and varieties so grown and distributed as to ensure genetic identity and genetic purity.

What is isolation distance?

Isolation distance is the minimum separation required between two or more varieties of the same species for the purpose of keeping seed pure.

Where do volunteer tomatoes come from?

Most fruiting crops, however, can use a little help. Volunteer tomatoes usually come from the seeds of fallen fruit, so they can be “recruited” by dropping an overripe tomato or two on the ground (away from the original bed, of course) and stepping on them.

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