Which philanthropist millionaire was known for funding libraries and the gospel of wealth?

Andrew Carnegie was once the richest man in the world. Coming as a dirt poor kid from Scotland to the U.S., by the 1880s he’d built an empire in steel — and then gave it all away: $60 million to fund a system of 1,689 public libraries across the country.

Who was the philanthropist who built more than 2000 libraries and wrote The Gospel of Wealth?

During the last 18 years of his life, he gave away ~$350 million (roughly $5.2 billion in 2020) to many charities, foundations, and universities – almost 90 percent of his fortune.

Andrew Carnegie
Born November 25, 1835 Dunfermline, Scotland
Died August 11, 1919 (aged 83) Lenox, Massachusetts, U.S.

Who wrote The Gospel of Wealth?

How according to Carnegie should the rich live?

A rich person’s moral duty, in Carnegie’s view, is thus to live modestly, provide moderately for his dependants, and administer all surplus wealth in the manner which produces the most beneficial results for the community.

What is the difference between The Gospel of Wealth philanthropy and social Darwinism?

Social Darwinism believed that in order to be considered the fittest they must have wealth, social status and estates, While Gospel of Wealth didn’t believe in having wealth, social status or estate to be considered wealthy.

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How much money did Carnegie donate to libraries?

Carnegie ultimately gave away $60 million to fund a system of 1,689 public libraries across the country. “In bestowing charity the main consideration should be to help those who help themselves,” he wrote.

Why did Carnegie fund libraries?

His philanthropic interests centered around the goals of education and world peace. One of his lifelong interests was the establishment of free public libraries to make available to everyone a means of self-education. There were only a few public libraries in the world when, in 1881, Carnegie began to promote his idea.

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