Your question: Is compassion a good charity?

Compassion has been awarded 13 consecutive, four-star ratings by Charity Navigator, America’s largest charity evaluator, as well as the Gallup Great Workplace Award for the past three straight years. Target demographics: children living in extreme poverty.

How much does the CEO of compassion make?

126 staff received more than $100,000 in compensation with the most highly compensated individuals (11 executives) listed below: $381,073: Santiago H Mellado, President and CEO.

What percentage does compassion take?

Program Percentage: 82%

Is Compassion International effective?

Most charity watchdog organizations consider a percentage of above 80 percent as an indicator of effective program delivery. Compassion International states on its website that the organization works to keep its program percentage at or above 80 percent.

At what age does compassion sponsorship end?

Finishing Well

Children typically graduate from our Child Sponsorship Program between the ages of 18 and 22. It varies by country, and although age is a determining factor in a child’s completion, we do not finalize a completion just for that reason.

What child sponsorship program is the best?

Of the 10 highest ranked and most popular child sponsorship charities on, eight are church based. If you are looking for a secular charity, these exist, as well. Two secular charities that make Charitynavigator’s top list are Save the Children and Asha for Education.

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How do I stop giving compassion?

To inquire about canceling your child sponsorship, please call our contact center at (800) 336-7676. You may discontinue your sponsorship at any time.

Does sponsoring a child really work?

Does Sponsorship Actually Work? Yes, sponsorship works. In fact, a poll of top development economists, rated child sponsorship as the most effective long-term development intervention for helping the poor.

Is compassion sponsorship tax deductible?

We do not use child sponsorship funds for community development activities; these are funded through other initiatives such as Critical Needs. And your donations to Compassion are tax-deductible (excluding donations to the Bible Fund).

How much does it cost to sponsor a Compassion child?

How much does it cost to sponsor a child through Compassion? Sponsoring a child costs $38 a month. It’s a significant commitment, but the incredible difference it makes in the life of a child is invaluable. What specific benefits does a child receive through sponsorship?

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